Alternate Uses for Shampoos

Going by the natural hair rule that says “Shampoo once a month and condition every week.”
Let’s do a simple math analysis, where;

In a month of 4 weeks,
Shampooing rate = once a month (1)
Conditioning rate = four times a month (4)

Bringing us to the conclusion that within a one month duration, the average naturalist uses a conditioner 4 times as much as she uses a shampoo.

This 1:4 ratio is the reason why whenever I try to define shampoos and conditioners in terms of their usage frequency, only one phrase comes to mind Shampoo is to milo as Conditioner is to milk.” People who lived in boarding houses will better understand this phrase.

It goes without saying that our shampoos are being underutilised and so, below, asides the conventional use for washing hair, I’ve shared a few other ways you can maximize your shampoo usage.

Cross-section of my current shampoos 
  1. Brushes:These include both make up brushes and hair brushes (I’m guilty of this one)
  2. Hands and Feet: Mild shampoos can be used in the place of pricey hand wash liquids. Also adding a few drops of a non drying shampoo to warm water helps to soften your cuticles for a pleasant manicure experience
  3. Body Wash: If you ever run out of shower gel, feel free to improvise with a mild shampoo. It won’t kill you, provided that the listed ingredients are cruelty free

Shampoos can also be used as:

  • cleaning agents for mirrors and;
  • dish washing liquids 😒 (I’m not about to try this)

Apart from washing your hair,
In what other ways have you put your shampoo to good use?

Which of the options listed above have you experimented with?
Which one(s) do you think you would consider?
Which one(s) would you never attempt?

Share your thoughts below























Dark and Lovely Au Naturale – My Honest Review 

Hi guys! 

Last week I received a gift hamper from a well known South African brand, Dark and Lovely.

Goody basket from Dark and Lovely
Goody basket from Dark and Lovely

It might interest you to know that Dark and Lovely products (Relaxer, Shampoo, conditioner, etc) were a staple back in the days when I still had relaxed hair. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that all four products in my hamper had been specifically formulated for Afro textured women. 

Moving on, the content of the hamper included but was not limited to a shampoo, a conditioner, a plaiting pudding cream and, an Afro moisturizing butter…All of which I had the pleasure of experimenting with this past weekend and, just like any other experiment, I’m here with my report, better known in this premise as, a review,  and this review promises to be honest, transparent and, unbiased. 

L-R: Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo, Knot-Out Conditioner, Plaiting Pudding Cream and Afro Moisturizing Butter. 
L-R: Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo, Knot-Out Conditioner, Plaiting Pudding Cream and Afro Moisturizing Butter. 

The Good:

  • The shampoo lathers pretty well (a little goes a long way)
  • The knot out conditioner has great slip and the ingredients constitute a majority of hair friendly alcohols. Read more about alcohols in hair products here
  • The Plaiting pudding cream is impressively hydrating and it neither left my hair dry nor flaky
  • The Afro moisturizing butter has great creamy consistency, is non-sticky and can be used to tame frizz in the hair, around the edges and along the nape.

The Bad:

  • The “moisture-replenishing” shampoo performs the exact opposite of replenishing moisture. I found that my hair was dry and very dull after washing. This could most likely be due to the high percentage of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)  in the shampoo. Read more about alcohols in hair products here

The Ugly:

  • Nothing yet

My Verdict:

Although the shampoo left my hair dry, an easy way to work around it would be having to do a pre poo either with pure honey or even with the Afro moisturizing butter since that contains honey also and is super moisturising.

Rating each product on a scale of 10: 

Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo (4/10)
Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo (4/10)


Shampoo Ingredients
Shampoo Ingredients


Knot-Out Conditioner (10/10)
Knot-Out Conditioner (10/10)

Conditioner Ingredients
Plaiting Pudding Cream (9/10)


Pudding Ingredients

Afro Moisturizing Butter (9/10)

Moisturizing Butter Ingredients 

Did I mention that these products have a uniting factor?!

Well, due to the presence of Mango seed oil and Bamboo milk, they all have a pleasant mango scent that soothes the senses, with the exception of the Afro Moisturising butter which clearly contains guarana root and honey. 

Products at a glance
Products at a glance

In all, I enjoyed experimenting with the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale mango oil and bamboo milk line and I recorded the complete process of how I used all four products mentioned in this review, so if you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, please  click here to subscribe so you don’t miss the styling tutorial video when it goes up. 

Turns out the Knot out conditioner was my favorite from the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Mango Oil & Bamboo Milk line. I’m not sure why I held onto the Plaiting pudding so lovingly. 

Click here to watch the complete video of how I used all four products (from washing to styling) 

Have you tried any product(s) from the Au Naturale line? Please share your experience(s) below.

Benefits of Palm Oil in Hair Care

Hello friendlies! 

So after a well deserved break from blogging, I decided to pop in here to share some of the many benefits derived from incorporating palm oil into your hair journey. 

If you’ve been on this hair journey with me for a while, you must have seen me post a thing or two about suffering from a desert dry scalp. 

I tried a lot of things in the past which included using less hair products and more oils but about three days ago, I experimented with palm oil and so far my scalp has neither dried up or itched. Amazing!! Right? 

Below is a detailed image of how I mixed everything I used during the experiment. 

By the end of this experiment, I was totally spent so, I simply left my hair overnight  in hair ties using the banding method to keep it from tangling before styling it the following day. 

Here are some benefits of palm oil to your hair:

  1. reduces graying to a minimum (for all my hot mamas and papas who aren’t ready to gray just yet😃)
  2. promotes cell growth of hair follicles
  3. cure for dryness, hair loss and scalp ailments
  4. combines antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to help fight against hair and scalp infections 
  5. thoroughly cleanses the scalp by absorbing dirt and grease that build up over time
  6. automatically strengthens hair shaft in just a single application 

Peep how clean my scalp looked after twisting my hair the following day 

Ever experimented with palm oil? Chime in below

xo, Ziny. 

6 Ways To Style a Protective Style 

Hey lovelies, pardon me for being MIA all along. Apology letter coming soon, wait for it! 

So I got a braid protective style during the last Christmas holidays and below are pictures of the ways I styled them for a period of four weeks. 

The Everyday Girl
The Fun Lover
Rear of ‘The Fun Lover’ tweaked
The Baby Girl
The Bandana Bandit
The Afrocentric Queen
Half-up Half-down

Remember to comment your favorite look below and ask for a demo if necessary.



How To Deal With Thinning Edges: My Balding Experience

I’ve never been one who pays special attention to my edges. On the contrary, I struggle to keep my edges from uniting with my eyebrows. Don’t start to envy me just yet, there’s more.

About 3 months ago,  I noticed my edges were falling, fading, balding, whatever else that describes passing away.  I grew really worried and decided to look into my hair care routine in a bid to figure out what could possibly  have gone wrong.

Edges intact (sometime last year)
Balding edges







At this point I had to drop a few habits and adopt some others. 

How did I fix it?

  • Reduced manipulation around my hairline
  • Stopped using my edge control gel
  • Stopped wearing my hair in high puffs
  • Started massaging the affected area twice a day with my handmade coconut oil and raw shea butter
  • Applied onion juice to the affected area on wash days

Although my hair is short now, there has been noticeable progress in less than one month.

Edges as at last week


Have you experienced thinning edges? How did you deal with it? Keep on reading!

The LOC Method For Moisturising Dry Hair

Whether you rock your hair natural, relaxed or texlaxed, dryness is no respecter of texture.

Over this past weekend, one of my male naturalists… Wait! Have I ever mentioned that this blog caters to the hair needs of all sexes?  Well, it does. Okay?..Okay!  As I was saying, he sent a mail asking to know how he could keep his afro from going dry and hard. 

Now,  I do not believe that anyone should break the bank to grow an afro. All you need do is understand your hair and if there’s one thing afro textured hairs love most, it has got to be moisture. The best and most reliable moisturizer remains water and since water dries out quite easily when sprayed into hair, the only logical thing to do would be to find a way to make the water stay longer in the hair…Right?

 So far, the LOC has proven to be one of the best and mostly used methods to keep afro hair moisturized, where:

L-liquid or leave-in-conditioner


How To LOC

1. Spritz your hair with the liquid, I use water but if you must use  a leave-in-conditioner, ensure it is a water-based leave-in-conditioner (i.e. water should be the first ingredient you see when you look on the side of the bottle where the ingredients of the leave-in-conditioner is written). You can also mix the leave-in-conditioner with water in a spray bottle, the choice is yours;

2. Slather on some oil of your choice (I prefer coconut oil) and

3. Apply a cream (I use Shea butter) to seal in the oil and water.

With this simple and inexpensive method, your hair can stay moisturised all day long.

How do you moisturise? Comment below.

3 Reasons Why I Prefer Tapered Hair

If you missed the last post, read it here 

I’m still yet to meet anyone (male or female)  who does not love a tapered hair cut but as a natural sista, I prefer my hair tapered for the following reasons:

Saves Time & Energy: there is no denying that styling a head full of kinky hair can be quite tasking but in a case where your hair is tapered, you automatically have less hair to work with and by the time the tapered sections grow out, you would have gotten used to dealing with your own hair.

Hair Grows With Shape: a tapered hair remains a tapered hair unless altered. Even when your hair has grown out into a massive fro, it maintains the taper shape and you won’t have to worry about your hair being blown out of shape by the wind when you don’t have a mirror handy.

Stands You Out From The Crowd: everyone knows there is something extraordinary about people with tapered cuts and fades (especially when the person under observation is female). Be it a fresh cut or a grown out fro, a tapered hair shape singles you out from the crowd and places you right at the center stage. And oh! If you have some great color highlights  in your hair, you just may have won yourself a barrage of Ah!-Ten-sion (attention).

Have a great weekend you all and let it be known that everything is not for everyone. Taper or no taper, you rock! ❤

Hair still in shape
When I colored March-April 2015
July 2015. Notice how the shape remained unaltered