Anyone Can Return Natural

Hi lovers,

 I was on my way out the other day and seated next to me on the bus, was this super cute lady who fell in love with my hair at first sight ..hehe*blushes uncontrollably. After she showered ego inflating compliments on me, i was taken aback when she immediately went into pity mode with words like “my hair texture is bad, I wish I had your hair, my hair does not grow past my ears” and all that..

Now, owing to the fact that I am interested in your hair excellence, i’ll try to not mislead you.

Can i be honest..Anyone can return natural….if you doubt it, ask yourself why it grows out of your head.

   On the other hand, if you desire healthy head of hair you’ll need the following:

1.   Hairfidence

Coined from hair and confidence put together, I’ve defined it as the quality of trusting your natural hair against all odds while assuring yourself that your hair is certainly worth trusting because well, to whom much is given, much more is….you know the rest na.

2.  Embrace Your Texture

   Ever heard the saying “the black woman’s biggest hair problem is that she thinks her hair is a problem”. A lot of us are constantly comparing our kinky textures to those of Brazilians, Indians, Peruvians, Malaysians and the rest of them. No hair type is superior to another because every hair type has that one thing that makes it unique and stands it out from the crowd..I hope this makes sense to you.

3.  Eat Clean

In addition to our regular easy to reach foods, fruits, vegetables and water contribute largely to our hair, nails and skin health. Cutting down on toxic, processed foods and switching to water based and biotin rich foods would go a long a way in boosting our hair health..Trade that Coke for bottle water today!..hehehe.

4.  Be Versatile

Natural hair is versatile, so you can always get your braids, weaves and sew-ins at will..but don’t have them in for more than six to eight weeks.

So ladies…

Are you convinced!

Are you ready to return natural!

If you are, stay tuned because up next on our blog is the ‘I am going natural’ handbook.

If you’re not, it’s totally fine..just ensure you’re comfortable with your choices because that’s all that really matters.

Thanks for swinging by.


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