Identity Crisis–Who Are You?

If you keep tabs on details regarding the extents to which the world has evolved, you would have come to realise that having to live in a world where originality has lost its meaning and people want to be just like the person in a beauty magazine, is more than enough reason to hold tightly onto those special things that stand us out from the crowd.

  Solution providers have often traced the causes of incessant problems to their roots. Usually, when the root cause of a problem has been identified, it is rarely viewed as a problem because restoring the roots, equals to restoring the stems, branches and leaves as is the case with a tree. If you’re wondering where I’m headed with this, it is one of  the problems in my dear country Nigeria but it has absolutely nothing to do with politics as politics is a topic that is way too energy sapping for me to bring it all the way here.

  The crux of the topic for today is centered on Nigerian women and girls. Going with biblical injunctions, the woman (any woman at all) is a helper. The kind of helper you become depends solely on you. I understand that environment, family background, society and a few other things can play major roles in shaping the quality of our lives but what about our personal choices?…If we could not run away from our environment as children, we can at least make our own choices as adults, we can choose to facilitate the positives while eradicating the negatives.

A lot of us have in one way thrown our identities to the sea. I have a friend who only travelled for her cousin’s wedding  somewhere in the United States, spent just one week and guess what!…She came back with an accent. I was kujad(shocked) beyond comprehension because the same girl had been in Nigeria for years and still found it difficult to speak ibo. This isn’t the worst case, it is in fact one of the mildest and most tolerable one, some of our girls today have done unspeakable things in order to acquire weaves from every part of the world…What have you done with your hair?  On the outside, it doesn’t look like it’s a problem, after all everybody is ‘forming’ but have we considered the lasting effects that attitudes like the afore mentioned would have on later generations, we act like there are so many wrong reasons to be who we have been created to be.


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