Who Killed Beauty?

When it comes to a subject as sensitive as beauty, each of us carries baggage from childhood. In my own case, I’ve eaten close to nothing in an effort to get small…wasted time worrying I wasn’t pretty enough when I should have been enjoying the things that made me happy. At the mere mention of words like cute, fine, pretty, handsome, beautiful, gorgeous or lovely, our senses and inclines, naturally and automatically interpret them to mean a combination of qualities like shape, color or form of  a person or thing, that please the mind.

Do I agree with this??

   In all honesty and truth to self, I DO..

But then again, does this encompass the definition of beauty!…if it does, how valid is it?

Let’s find that out together;


   Today, when we take one look at someone and we seem not to like their face, name, size, legs, skin color, hair texture, posture or even something as petty as the way they pronounce words as a result of their tribe and tongue, we forget that we are simply paying attention to irrelevant little nothings. What if we decide to look beneath the face, remain blind to their skin color and become numb to everything we feel that does not qualify them as beautiful? How about we get to know them beyond just what we see on their outer side?…In schools, we’re taught  that abstract nouns cannot be seen or touched but can be felt and/or desired. Beauty is abstract and it is no quality in itself as it merely exists in the mind which contemplates it, it does not define itself, we define it.

I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of any object be what it may, -light, shade and perspective will always make it beautiful [John Constable].

Being skinny, short, lanky or fat is not worse than vindictive, cruel, vain, evil or jealous. Throughout history, the definition of beauty has shifted to reflect society. Sometimes we should be curvy, other times thin as a lathe; sometimes tanned, sometimes pale, sometimes with long hair, sometimes with short…We channel our energies into meeting the latest standard and…guess what? There’s always another mandate…We must stop to consider whose heart it is we’re trying to capture.

How then should we view beauty?

For the men, see souls instead of bodies and for the women, understand that while some men like skinny women, others like chubby women, another group finds muscular women very appealing and as we all know, there is yet another rare group that would choose a man over any kind of woman. Why not just go ahead and build the body of your dreams and refuse to base your self worth on what you think a man might like, what if he leaves you tomorrow and the next man who comes into your life prefers the old you that you’ve worked so hard to lose? Don’t get me wrong…It’s not a bad idea to want to drop some kilos and look better for someone you care about, just make sure you don’t lose yourself in the process.

No one is a mistake to be corrected or a problem to be solved, society killed beauty when it failed to realise that beauty and imperfection go together.




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