My Hair Color: A Review of The Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color

Hey lovers!

 Trust you had a great week. I had one hell of a busy week myself but i’m fine sha. Although I wore my hair in twists all through the week, it kinda awakened me to the duo color tones in my hair. Together, let’s run a quick analysis;

Twists pulled back with a head band
Twists pulled back with a head band

 Genetically, my hair color is black, but I colored it sometime in April of this year and currently, the new growth has blended with the previously colored section and I’ve had the color in for about seven months now.

Two tone puff
Two tone puff

We all know that there are varieties of hair color treatments out there and finding the ones that would not leave your hair dry and damaged is very important. On this note, I present to you the Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color .

Meet The Product:

Creme of Nature Honey blonde Exotic Shine Color 10.0
Creme of Nature Honey blonde Exotic Shine Color 10.0


Price: #950

Picture description from Left to Right:

  • Kit/Container
  • Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment
  • Permanent Creme Gel Hair Color
  • Argan Oil Treatment

Top right is the Creme Color Developer.  Also contained in the kit, is an instruction sheet for directions and a pair of protective gloves for safety during application.

The Good

  • easy to use, instruction sheet is very explanatory
  • composed of Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Honey, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Wheat Protein. These ingredients put together, prevent breakage, strengthens and imparts moisture.
  • Tender look and feel resulting from the ‘Intensive Conditioning Treatment’ and the ‘Argan Oil Treatment’, is second to none.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this product contains the universally dreaded sulphates and parabens. This sad discovery made me second guess the product.

The Ugly

  • Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

My Verdict

  • Since the sulphate and paraben based products in this kit would be washed off at the expiration of the product application time and
  • the Argan oil treatment which happens to be the only product that would be applied and left in the hair at the end of the color treatment process, contains neither a sulphate nor a paraben and smells better than James Bond 😀.

Anyone considering getting a permanent color treatment need not fret because this product should do just fine and another interesting thing about this non discriminatory product is that, it is available in TEN vibrant colors in order to sufficiently accommodate any skin tone, color or shade..Wow!

Ten Vibrant tones of the Product
Ten Vibrant tones of the Product

 So go ahead, feel free and safe to try it out and  if you have colored your hair before or you know other good quality hair color treatment products, please bless the house with a comment.



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