Health Check: Lunaediesophobia


Oh no!…Not again

Needless to conduct a poll cos i’m sure a majority do not like the beginning of a weekday but everyone loves a weekend, not so?…Now, the only reason I’ve never complained is because I was born on a Monday…how can one hate their day of birth? Truth is there’s more to my love for Mondays.

   Often times, we say certain things because they are trending and we feel like if we don’t join the wagon of those posting memes like “Keep Calm & Pretend It’s Not Monday, What’s that Stench? Oh!..It’s Monday, I Hate Mondays“, we won’t get recognition on social media sites. Crap!

Every new day is a gift from God and if you’ve made negative pronouncements on a gift, how then do you expect the giver to protect you, provide for you, stand by you in difficult situations, enlarge your coast and give you greater gifts.

Put in God’s shoes, how would you feel?

Know it now, that by condemning Mondays, you start off your week on the wrong footing. There’s a seventy percent possibility that  your job may not be as demanding as you portray, maybe it’s really you who has mystified your daily activities with non existent, imaginary difficulties, just so instagram and BBM users can know you work real hard.

Be grateful for everything you’ve been given so that your days won’t be cut short as a result of your ingratitude.

How would you feel if someone constantly placed curses on something you’ve wholeheartedly given to them? God has feelings too and it’s His heart we’re trying to capture, not social media’s.

Have a great week.





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