Beneath A Beautiful Hair…



Hiya darling, do me a favor by taking another look at the above picture.   What can you deduce?

A person whose hair is in very good condition and seems quite happy, yea? Am I happy?…Oh yes! But is my hair in a good condition right now?..No, it’s not.

In that picture, I have my hair in five buns and it’s only because my scalp is undergoing a mild dandruff and anti dryness treatment. Over the years, even before I went natural, I’ve always struggled with an intensely dry and itchy scalp. Every method I tried yielded no results and the only way I’ve been able to keep it at bay, is by getting regular washes/co-washes (at least once a week). So, what happened?

Well I got really busy and occupied in the just concluded week and guess what!..I skipped wash day!! As in, wash day didn’t happen at all and just when I thought i’d escaped the consequences, nemesis caught up with me, but for God’s infinite mercies, I didn’t lose my sanity to itching.

Now, i can understand that there are loads of seemingly “perfect” natural hair chics all over social media sites and if you are constantly craving to have one like any of those, you may never be confident in your hair. A lot of them, like you and me, also experience their own fair shares of dryness, breakage and frizzy hair days. But do they show us such pictures?..A good number of them don’t because they only want us to applaud the bomb twist outs and fleeking  rod sets. What happened to bad hair days of failed wash and gos?

We need to stop trying to paint a perfect picture, that way, others would be at ease with themselves and feel comfortable enough to share their problems with us, be it a hair related issue or something entirely different.

Comment your hair struggle(s) below, I just dropped mine.





3 thoughts on “Beneath A Beautiful Hair…

  1. – over consumption of hair products
    no matter d amount of concoction I intend to use, it’s never enough.. my hair is always as hungry as it’s owner
    – 5D Shrinkage


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