Products and Pricing: Why You Need A Budget

Am I the only one who’s actually never bought a “cowash conditioner” off the shelves?

Alright i’m kidding, but you see, ever since a lot of people started returning natural, hair products became the most expensive items in cosmetic and beauty shops especially here in Nigeria. As in sombory expects me to buy a hair product at the cost of #4,500! nitori kini? (for what reason?) Was my grandma not natural? Did she know anything about hair products? No, she didn’t but her hair was all shades of healthy. Don’t get me wrong  darl, i would spend a fortune on my hair if need be but why should i spend foolishly even when it’s very clear that i’m being ripped off.


Being a product junkie is very much allowed as it helps you figure out what how your hair responds to certain products, that way you’ld know what to and what not to feed your hair with but creating a  budget of expenditure on hair products can save you a lot. From random buying to product junkieism and all.

I recently discovered that regular supermarkets in your locality retail these products at very good prices when compared to some natural hair stores.

The other day, I tried comparing the prices of some hair products that I bought from a supermarket close to my house with those of a natural hair store (name withheld) somewhere on the islands and goodness me! the differences were alarming as one product differed with #1000, another with #1500 and yet another with #2000. Ah ahn! The next time you want to buy a product, please be sure to check in your local stores before heading out to those stores you find in the malls and all those other places. You can as well make some products yourself, thanks to YouTube. I learnt to make my own coconut oil, ACV, curl definer and deep conditioner from some of ’em channels.

How much are you willing to spend on a hair product and what’s the most expensive product you’ve bought? Was it worth it? Let us know in the comment box.




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