4 Steps To Deal With Tangles

Hello there!

How goes it? If your hair has grown past the TWA stage, it most likely should be in its awkward stage now. Just as the name implies, the awkward stage is that stage where you constantly wish your hair didn’t exist at all simply because it has graduated from a patterned array of curls that you once found easy to deal with at anytime of the day, to a messy forest of knots, tangles, snaps and splits.


Don’t lose it just yet! Now relax, grab a glass of your favorite drink, sit back,  sip easy and let us get through the tangle taming process together.

  1. Watering: spritzing some water (or water mixed with a leave in conditioner) on your hair few minutes before manipulation makes it a lot easier to handle because working with dry hair that’s already tangled, is an open invitation to headaches and anxiety.inshot_20160115_122522.jpg
  2. Sectioning: putting your hair in sections before combing, washing or styling helps dissuade the fears of dealing with an afro texture. That way, you can focus on one section at a time.  inshot_20160115_123118.jpginshot_20160115_130737.jpg
  3. Tell A Friend: you can even get help from someone close by, so you don’t go pulling and tugging at your hair in a frantic effort to get rid of tangles.inshot_20160115_132113.jpg
  4. Take Breaks: if the hair is about to kill you, please run away from it by going in for a protective style as this would ensure you don’t lose your sanity and like a soldier, come back with a better strategy for dealing with the hair.

In the next post, I’ll be reviewing my detangling conditioner and how it has greatly influenced my washday. Until then, Stay Queening/Kinging!

PS: I just posted a short video on instagram showing you how to properly detangle before styling.




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