Tangles & Knots–A Review of The Mega Growth Detangling Conditioner

All human beings are aesthetic! Okay at least most humans are, and this explains why it is possible to stand in front of a large crowd and notice only a few persons. Surprisingly, the story is the same when you walk into a large store. The manner in which some items catch your eyes while some others just go unnoticed is a bit strange. This was the case when I first met ‘Lami’.

Who/What Is Lami?

‘Lami’ is code name for “Profectiv Mega Growth Detangling Conditioner.” As you can see, the original name is a bit too lengthy and that’s why I decided to code it so our conversation today can be less grammar-filled.

So moving on, I met ‘Lami’ a few months into my natural hair journey and in all honesty, she didn’t appeal to me (reason was her hair texture was bone straight and I concluded she wouldn’t have much to offer a curly haired sista). On a closer inspection, I noticed she had the words ‘detangling conditioner’ inscribed on her label and that struck me, so I thought i’d check her out and since that day, she’s remained an active member of my mini salon kit.

Meet The Product

Profectiv Mega Growth Detangling Conditioner
Profectiv Mega Growth Detangling Conditioner

So far, ‘Lami’ has been good to my hair’s health, she smells great and costs about a thousand naira.

What’s In ‘Lami’?

As one who cares a bit too much about both the active and inactive ingredients in hair products, I took a critical look at Lami’s rear view before I went on to purchase her. So, right here, is the rear of the bottle detailing the ingredients of the product.


As much as i’ld have loved to give a detailed analysis of these ingredients, I’ve decided to narrow it down to the unfamiliar ingredients that we probably haven’t encountered before now.

The Good

  1. Phenyl Trimethicone slows down the rate at which water is lost from the hair, that way, moisture is retained.
  2. Polyquaternium-37 provides conditioning benefits, ease of combing, hair alignment, elasticity and shine.
  3. Hexyl cinnamal is an additive found in chamomile oil and is the reason ‘Lami’ smells so good.
  4. Acrylamidopropyltrimonium chloride..Did you survive that? Lol What a name! But it provides advanced slip and detangles hair.  Finally, a reliable source says that;
  5. PPG-1 Trideceth-6 is 100% safe for use.

The Bad

  1. DMDM Hydantoin, a preservative, increases the risk of dermatitis.
  2. Imidazolidinyl Urea, an antimicrobial preservative, may also cause dermatitis for some persons. I’m yet to get over the ‘urea’ in its name though.
  3. Linalool forms an oxidized by product when in contact with oxygen and this may result in allergic reactions.

How I Detangle

  1. Co-wash
  2. Finger detangle and put in sections
  3. Saturate  each section with ‘Lami’
  4. Comb out the tips(ends) and then work up to the roots
  5. Brush out any possible knots or tangles
  6. Secure detangled section with a clamp.


So far, ‘Lami’ has been a good friend and should things ever go awful between us, you’ld be the first to know.

Do you have any hair products and/or tools with which you detangle? 

I’ld really love to know, leave me a comment, please.




4 thoughts on “Tangles & Knots–A Review of The Mega Growth Detangling Conditioner

  1. Hello I love your review. I recently just bought the product so I’m happy it has a positive review. Quick question doesn’t the protein make hair too hard after washing?


    1. Thanks Betty! 😃 Unless your hair is protein sensitive, the protein content of the product is just in the right amount.


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