How To Natural Hair

Luvurrrs!😀  Have you kept tabs on me since our last post? I’m so sorry if i had you waiting on the second episode of the natural hair series. Hopefully, subsequent episodes would arrive in good time but I’ll tell you why I’ve been away at the end of today’s post. Hey Wait!! Not yet, don’t you scroll to the end😀!

Right back to why we’re here today, how does one go natural? Are there methods to adopt, processes to follow, habits to inculcate and/or drop? blah blah… And if you missed the first episode, read it here

What does it mean to transition?

 A process that involves growing out your natural hair alongside your relaxed hair and managing both textures until you’re ready to big chop. It’s a transition from relaxed to natural hair.

What is a big chop (BC) and when should you big chop?

The big chop is the simple act of cutting off all your relaxed hair to reveal only your new growth (natural hair).

The question of when to big chop is more personal than it is debatable, reason is you’re the only one who can decide for how long you’ld want to transition. Some people (like me) are comfortable with having cropped hair while some others may not be as accepting. Bottom line is whether you big chop six months or two years after transitioning, your natural texture is not altered.

8 Transitioning Commandments

  1. Be patient
  2. Manipulate as little as possible
  3. Comb less, use fingers to detangle & style
  4. Don’t hope for a particular curl pattern, just give your hair some tender love and care (TLC)
  5. Avoid heat (very important)
  6. Embrace shrinkage (it’s magical)
  7. Choose products that cater to both natural and relaxed hair
  8. Big chop only when you’re absolutely ready.

Peek-a-boo: What kept me away?

Ahem! *clears throat* This post is one week late because I was on transit from Lagos to Enugu on the supposed day of posting. By the way, yours truly is officially going to be a graduate Electronic Engineer in a couple of days. So to all the afriziny blog family members in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) in Enugu Nigeria, I am in the den oh and I won’t mind a hookup while i’m still around or better still send me a direct message on Instagram @afriziny or leave a comment below. We need to bond. Also, I can be your val if you don’t already have one. I kid! I kid!






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