2 Heatless Methods To Straighten Natural Hair

Hey Black girl!

How are you & your hair?

As naturalists who are very aware of the glorious shrinkage of nappy hair, do we sometimes feel the need for a little stretch? Any hands in the air? 🙋

Well, I feel it very often and at such times, a heat straightener is a no-no because of the drying & damaging effects of heat on our afro textures.

Very quickly, there are 2 heatless and simple ways to stretch our natural hair;

  1. Banding
  2. African threading

Banding simply requires using hair ties  or what we commonly know as hair bands to secure a sectioned part of your hair from roots to ends while holding out the entire length of that section. The number of hair ties you’ld use on a section of hair would depend on your hair length and the elasticity of the hair tie.




African threading on the other hand requires wrapping your hair in succession and it can be fully or partially wrapped. Just make sure you secure the ends properly.



Yarn threading
Yarn threading

Keep in mind that these two methods can be carried out on either dry or damp hair. Personally, I don’t do anything to my hair when it’s desert dry so whenever I stretch, I do the following in succession;

  • Spritz with water;
  • Thread or band my hair;
  • Let air dry;
  • Take out the threads or bands (usually the following day);
  • Fluff my roots with my fingers or an afro pick comb or both.

Do you straighten your natural hair? Please let us know how you do so by leaving a comment below.



3 thoughts on “2 Heatless Methods To Straighten Natural Hair

  1. I use both methods and I recently started using a blow dryer. I have the con-air infinity pro. I blow dry on low and cool and it has a comb diffuser. My hair comes out streched without the wait and it does not damage my hair. I do not blow dry very often tho.


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