Why I Did The Big Chop Again

Hiya darl!

Welcome to the long awaited third edition of our natural hair series which we started over two months ago. No thanks to my inconsistency 😩

Have I mentioned that three months into my big chop, I was down to another big chop for the second time?

The only difference with this second big chop was that I got a taper cut (Anita Baker style) just to funk it up a bit.

Here are some of the reasons why I big chopped again;

  1. I was clueless as to how I was supposed to deal with the tangled mess that my hair had become after I took down the protective twists style that had saved the hair for about two months;
  2. Finding a natural hair store and salon was quite a feat;
  3. A lot of my friends and even my mum, thought I looked unkept (by the way, my mum’s hair is natural now 😂);
  4. When I tried to get advice from a few naturalists on social media, either they were too busy to respond or just gave unsatisfactory replies.

Below, are a few tips to help you stay in the game after you’ve transitioned and finally big chopped;

  • Remember it’s just hair and it’ll always grow;
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in your TWA, go in for a protective style;
  • Don’t compare or compete with others, let your hair thrive at it’s own pace;
  • Seek advice from people who are ready to gradually help you through the process;
  •  Don’t ever think a relaxer would make things better. If it failed in the past, be rest assured that it would fail today and in many more years to come. It’s not an option. Same thing applies to texturizers.
First big chop
First big chop
3 months later
3 months later
Second big chop (taper cut)
Second big chop (taper cut)

Next week, we’ll be talking about quick and easy ways to style your natural hair at home. Until then, please share your big chop experience(s) with us.

Have a lovely weekend!






6 thoughts on “Why I Did The Big Chop Again

  1. Well i just did my first big chop and I’m so proud i was bold enough to do it, well I’ll love to see the next post on how to style your natural hair… great post!


  2. To be honest, I was considering relaxing my hair and doing the pixie cut. I’m really craving that hairstyle. But see how cute your hair looks! I’ll persevere sniffs

    Biko how is your hair this curly? Loving the first big chop. But the second is epic! I think it was the right choice. Stylish too.

    Nice post!



    1. Thank you baby! Natural hair is normally curly but you could always enhance the curls with curling custards, defining gels.


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