Debunking The Myths of Natural Hair Styling

Hey boo!

Today, let’s talk ‘hair styling’.

So, are you nappy haired?

If you answered “yes” to that, did you also know that you could do just about anything with natural hair as you would its relaxed counterpart, especially in the area of styling?

Hair styling is simply creating patterns on your head (either with just your hair or with extensions added) for a more fashionable outlook.

Whether your hair is curly, coily, kinky, straight, wavy or a combination of two or more of these patterns, it still deserves to look good and it can, only if you paid attention to certain details.

Below are two very important areas to keep in mind when styling natural hair;

  1. Curl Pattern: the belief that natural hair must be blown out or flat ironed to achieve certain styles, is a misconception. As much as I can’t agree any less that natural hair can pose a bit of a problem during styling, I highly recommend other straightening methods like banding and African threading, as they are safe and non damaging. Read more about the methods here .

  2. Hair Type & Texture: “what is good for the goose, may be bad for the gander”. For example, while a chunky twist out looks good with type 4b & 4c hair, a perm rod set always comes through for the type 3 and type 4a sisters. I’m not saying there are boundaries or limitations, you just might need to try/test a few styles and note how your hair responds to each one. 

Check your hair type here .

In our next post, I’ll take us through the basics of natural hair styling and a few factors to consider before wearing certain hairstyles.



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