Speech Is An Art, Learn it!

Everything in the Arts is to be learned like a craft!

This is why you often come across reads bearing titles like: the art of storytelling, the art of war, the art of creative writing and many others. Likewise, speech is an art and every word should be thought through and well crafted.

But, do we know how and when to speak?

Dr Joe Brown of Rochester, Minnesota, tells of the frustration he encountered while trying to take a physical history on a patient. The man’s wife kept answering every question. Finally, Dr Brown requested that she leave the room. But after she left he discovered that her husband couldn’t speak. Calling her back, he apologised for not realising the man had aphasia (loss of speech) and couldn’t speak a word. You know what surprised Dr Brown more? The wife didn’t know either!

In Ecclesiastes 3:7, the Bible says there’s ‘a time to be silent and a time to speak.’ Why? Because communicating too little can destroy a relationship, and so can talking too much. Notice the difference(s) in pictures A and B below;

Picture A
Picture A
Picture B
Picture B

Why Do We Speak?

Sometimes, because we are lonely and have few opportunities to talk to others; other times, because we simply love the sound of our own voice. Whatever your motivation, keep in mind that excessive talking can hurt you and it’s advisable to say less than you know.

I’ve been in a situation where my power came from silence, not words, because the other party was totally clueless. Anxious people tend to blabber on, and when you’re negotiating, it puts you at a distinct disadvantage  because it tips the other person off that you’re insecure.

When you speak, you’re repeating what you already know, but when you listen, you learn something new.

Thanks for your time,

Have a great week!

❤ Olaedo.


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