Why I Recently Got My Hair Cut

At about 4am on Saturday morning,  the 16th day in July 2016, I woke up to locate my pair of sleeping socks as the night had become unbearably cold,  but just as I straightened out of bed, my eyes caught my image in the mirror opposite me and the first thing I noticed was my unhealthy looking hair.

It’s been exactly eighteen months since my last big chop in January 2015 and my hair has been in good shape. If you follow me on the gram, you would have noticed that my hair has a duo color tone(my natural color which is black and a honey blonde highlight).

Very recently, around June this year,  my busy body got a red highlight and I noticed that after I  got that red color treatment, my hair started to suffer a lot of setbacks. From a damaged curl pattern to desert dryness and uncontrollable breakage and I even started to experience thinning edges.

Having exhausted everything I knew about natural hair care, I decided to speak to a friend who happens to be a natural hair expert and she made a few recommendations but I saw very little to no progress and being the sucker for healthy  hair that I am, I decided that I was going to get a protective style for my two week  NYSC orientation  camp and then deal with the hair afterwards.

So after I had found and pulled on my socks, I happily  reached for a pair of scissors and as you read this,  I’m down to my third big chop in less than two years. Adventurous! Not so?  I love risky ventures and I  would have still had my lovely hair but for the dryness and damaged curl pattern.

There are pictures of me and my hair all through my eighteen month journey but before you view them, let it be known that if you ever need to get your hair colored, do not go in for more than one application and should you need to touch up,  ask your stylist to focus only on the new growth.

View my pictures from when I first colored my hair to my current big chop.


15 thoughts on “Why I Recently Got My Hair Cut

  1. You!!!

    Sigh. I understand.

    I’m really fed up with my relaxed hair (baby is transitioning 😀) can’t wait to do the big chop but… I’m dragging my feet. Not sure why.

    And nne, this time, let the hair reach at least 2 years mnn? I love seeing your long hairstyles and stuff.



  2. You look good wearing both long hair and TWA.
    Your hair grows fast like grass, In 6 months we won’t even believe you had a big Chop.
    After coloring once in may last year I haven’t colored again, am slowly loosing the color whenever I trim my ends.
    I am getting color lust again but I will be using only wash out dyes(temporary) from now on.


    1. Awww… Thank you darling! 😊 My hair growth rate surprises me sometimes and the funny thing is that I can’t quite place a finger on why it springs up so fast. Hair colors are curl pattern destroyers, wash out dyes should quench your lust henceforth.. Lol


  3. Why didn’t I stumble on this before I took the dye plunge ? Well the colour didn’t fully take like I envisioned sha

    You’re hair is soooo lovely!


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