How A Taper Cut Can Up Your Natural Hair Game

The word ‘taper’ means a gradual diminution in the thickness of an elongated object so that the ends of the object  are thinner or narrower than the top.

Exactly one week after I scissored my hair, I made for the barbershop to get a more stylish cut. I know say my shakara don too much but a gal gotta do what a gal gotta do (in Mercy Johnson’s voice).

Before taper.. Please I can explain the flask 😃
After taper

So moving on to the taper level, I personally do not always feel too good with conventional everyday stunts and I believe that a little tweak to a TWA might just be all that is needed to give one that ‘away from the crowd’ look.

Also, you need to consider your head and face shapes to enable you opt for a style that would suit you. A taper cut that would accentuate the contours and angles of your face can leave you looking more gorgeous and feeling a lot more confident than just a normal low cut.

Normal low cut hair
Tapered cut

If you feel the need to funk up your tapered hair (whether TWA or big fro), do not hesitate to add a little bit of color if you so desire.

Normally your hair should come out as a regular Afro when your barber gets done, after which you can now style as you choose. 

Below are a few tapered natural hair cuts but keep in mind that they were styled after the hair had been tapered. Enjoy the view and let me know if there is/are any you would love to try. 







10 thoughts on “How A Taper Cut Can Up Your Natural Hair Game

  1. Seems I’m still on twa, might as well get a tapered cut. Hmmm

    Oya explain about the flask shapaly


    1. You should get one darl.. About the flask 😃 It contains nothing else but water, I drink water hourly as it facilitates the rate at which hair grows. I hope I’m free now.. Lol


  2. Zinny, I’m new in this natural hair game and I dunno the meaning of TWA n how can someone get a taper cut… Plus I haven’t got my big chop yet


    1. Welcome to the club hun, TWA means ‘Teeny Weeny Afro’ and it describes the Infant growth stage of natural hair. You can get a taper cut at a barbershop but you should have big chopped before going tapering.


  3. Hy Zinny, do I just go to a barber shop and say I want to get a taper cut? And I jst got my big chop yesterday, can I get the taper cut today? Or does it have to be after 1 week?


    1. Hey boo, you can find pictures of taper styles on Pinterest. Simply look out for one that would suit your features, show it to the barber and you’re good to go. And no, you don’t have to wait a week.


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