How To Deal With Thinning Edges: My Balding Experience

I’ve never been one who pays special attention to my edges. On the contrary, I struggle to keep my edges from uniting with my eyebrows. Don’t start to envy me just yet, there’s more.

About 3 months ago,  I noticed my edges were falling, fading, balding, whatever else that describes passing away.  I grew really worried and decided to look into my hair care routine in a bid to figure out what could possibly  have gone wrong.

Edges intact (sometime last year)
Balding edges







At this point I had to drop a few habits and adopt some others. 

How did I fix it?

  • Reduced manipulation around my hairline
  • Stopped using my edge control gel
  • Stopped wearing my hair in high puffs
  • Started massaging the affected area twice a day with my handmade coconut oil and raw shea butter
  • Applied onion juice to the affected area on wash days

Although my hair is short now, there has been noticeable progress in less than one month.

Edges as at last week


Have you experienced thinning edges? How did you deal with it?


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