Benefits of Palm Oil in Hair Care

Hello friendlies! 

So after a well deserved break from blogging, I decided to pop in here to share some of the many benefits derived from incorporating palm oil into your hair journey. 

If you’ve been on this hair journey with me for a while, you must have seen me post a thing or two about suffering from a desert dry scalp. 

I tried a lot of things in the past which included using less hair products and more oils but about three days ago, I experimented with palm oil and so far my scalp has neither dried up or itched. Amazing!! Right? 

Below is a detailed image of how I mixed everything I used during the experiment. 

By the end of this experiment, I was totally spent so, I simply left my hair overnight  in hair ties using the banding method to keep it from tangling before styling it the following day. 

Here are some benefits of palm oil to your hair:

  1. reduces graying to a minimum (for all my hot mamas and papas who aren’t ready to gray just yet😃)
  2. promotes cell growth of hair follicles
  3. cure for dryness, hair loss and scalp ailments
  4. combines antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to help fight against hair and scalp infections 
  5. thoroughly cleanses the scalp by absorbing dirt and grease that build up over time
  6. automatically strengthens hair shaft in just a single application 

Peep how clean my scalp looked after twisting my hair the following day 

Ever experimented with palm oil? Chime in below

xo, Ziny. 


One thought on “Benefits of Palm Oil in Hair Care

  1. I have used palm oil before, best moisture conditioner for me. That was the first time my hair was so moisturized for three days straight on. I mixed it with some other things. Its just difficult to wash out so one has to use a little.


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