AfriZiny 30 Day ‘Revive & Nurture’ Hair Grow Challenge 

Hiya darling!

I want to assume you clicked the link on my instagram page because your hair is not doing as well as you expect it to, but guess what….I am going to be your hair’s guardian angel for a period of 30 days! How do you like the sound of that?

My hair at 4 months
Hair at 9 months
Hair at 14 months natural

Contrary to what you might think, our hair grow plan is quite unlike the high sounding stuff you see that compels you to buy this or that product so, save your money honey!

Because Ziny is more focused on researching the exact needs of your hair through online tests and surveys and then helping you to develop healthy hair grooming  habits without you having to break the bank.

This program is for you if you:


  1. have natural or transitioning hair
  2. are new in the natural hair community and do not know from where to begin
  3. have hair that is experiencing snail pace growth rate despite your efforts to make it blossom 
  4. want to groom a healthy head of hair without spending a fortune on products 
  5. have zero knowledge of how to care for your hair
  6. want to break the “I don’t care about my hair” habit

This program is not for you if :

  • You’re satisfied with your hair’s growth rate
  • You already have a regimen that works for you
  • You have no challenges whatsoever with your hair


What You Get 

  1. A personal online survey and test to help ascertain the exact needs of your hair
  2. A well structured 30 days plan to guide you all through the program
  3. The “Natural Hair Beginner’s Guide” e-book  by me
  4. A hair care regimen for you to stick with after the 30 days challenge
  5. Free tips on how to use the ingredients in your kitchen as a life saver for your hair
  6. List of foods that stimulate hair growth and are available in your local market

How do I Register? 

  1. Send a whatsapp message of your name and current location to +234(0)8081991366
  2. Wait for the registration details to be sent to you…….Charges Apply 



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