Alternate Uses for Shampoos

Going by the natural hair rule that says “Shampoo once a month and condition every week.”
Let’s do a simple math analysis, where;

In a month of 4 weeks,
Shampooing rate = once a month (1)
Conditioning rate = four times a month (4)

Bringing us to the conclusion that within a one month duration, the average naturalist uses a conditioner 4 times as much as she uses a shampoo.

This 1:4 ratio is the reason why whenever I try to define shampoos and conditioners in terms of their usage frequency, only one phrase comes to mind Shampoo is to milo as Conditioner is to milk.” People who lived in boarding houses will better understand this phrase.

It goes without saying that our shampoos are being underutilised and so, below, asides the conventional use for washing hair, I’ve shared a few other ways you can maximize your shampoo usage.

Cross-section of my current shampoos 
  1. Brushes:These include both make up brushes and hair brushes (I’m guilty of this one)
  2. Hands and Feet: Mild shampoos can be used in the place of pricey hand wash liquids. Also adding a few drops of a non drying shampoo to warm water helps to soften your cuticles for a pleasant manicure experience
  3. Body Wash: If you ever run out of shower gel, feel free to improvise with a mild shampoo. It won’t kill you, provided that the listed ingredients are cruelty free

Shampoos can also be used as:

  • cleaning agents for mirrors and;
  • dish washing liquids 😒 (I’m not about to try this)

Apart from washing your hair,
In what other ways have you put your shampoo to good use?

Which of the options listed above have you experimented with?
Which one(s) do you think you would consider?
Which one(s) would you never attempt?

Share your thoughts below























4 thoughts on “Alternate Uses for Shampoos

  1. I’ve never used my shampoo for any other thing but I’ve used my bathing gel/ soap in place of a shampoo when I run out of supply. Thanks ziny for this clue


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