About afriziny

Why is it possible to tell one’s race by their hair texture? Because your hair is a unique identity. There’re tons of myths about African hair but things are different with us.

At afriziny, we cater to the hair needs of everyone (children, boys, girls, women and men alike).

Are we all about hair?

 Of course not hun, there’s more to us than just hair, as we touch down sensitive areas that transcend society and promote individual growth. These areas are personality & relationship related and they contain everything it takes to change the face of families, societies & individuals.

How To Navigate on The Page

Because you’re reading this and we’re already in love with you, we’ve simplified everything on this blog for your sake. You can easily locate topics that pique your interest based on the following categories: Hair, Personality, Relationship, Randoms & Reviews.        All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of our home page, click category and then make your selection.

What’s Next!

Why waste more time? We’ld love to have you in the house.

Visit our home page now, subscribe for FREE and enjoy the benefits that await you.

Tell Me about These Benefits

  1. Free hair consultation services when you send an email to afriziny@gmail.com
  2. Hair tips delivered straight to your inbox.
  3. First hand information on blog posts, giveaways and events that would be relevant to you.
  4. A chance to get featured in our future blog posts.
  5. We’ll update this list when there’s more.




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