How A Taper Cut Can Up Your Natural Hair Game

The word ‘taper’ means a gradual diminution in the thickness of an elongated object so that the ends of the object  are thinner or narrower than the top.

Exactly one week after I scissored my hair, I made for the barbershop to get a more stylish cut. I know say my shakara don too much but a gal gotta do what a gal gotta do (in Mercy Johnson’s voice).

Before taper.. Please I can explain the flask 😃
After taper

So moving on to the taper level, I personally do not always feel too good with conventional everyday stunts and I believe that a little tweak to a TWA might just be all that is needed to give one that ‘away from the crowd’ look.

Also, you need to consider your head and face shapes to enable you opt for a style that would suit you. A taper cut that would accentuate the contours and angles of your face can leave you looking more gorgeous and feeling a lot more confident than just a normal low cut.

Normal low cut hair
Tapered cut

If you feel the need to funk up your tapered hair (whether TWA or big fro), do not hesitate to add a little bit of color if you so desire.

Normally your hair should come out as a regular Afro when your barber gets done, after which you can now style as you choose. 

Below are a few tapered natural hair cuts but keep in mind that they were styled after the hair had been tapered. Enjoy the view and let me know if there is/are any you would love to try. 







Why I Recently Got My Hair Cut

At about 4am on Saturday morning,  the 16th day in July 2016, I woke up to locate my pair of sleeping socks as the night had become unbearably cold,  but just as I straightened out of bed, my eyes caught my image in the mirror opposite me and the first thing I noticed was my unhealthy looking hair.

It’s been exactly eighteen months since my last big chop in January 2015 and my hair has been in good shape. If you follow me on the gram, you would have noticed that my hair has a duo color tone(my natural color which is black and a honey blonde highlight).

Very recently, around June this year,  my busy body got a red highlight and I noticed that after I  got that red color treatment, my hair started to suffer a lot of setbacks. From a damaged curl pattern to desert dryness and uncontrollable breakage and I even started to experience thinning edges.

Having exhausted everything I knew about natural hair care, I decided to speak to a friend who happens to be a natural hair expert and she made a few recommendations but I saw very little to no progress and being the sucker for healthy  hair that I am, I decided that I was going to get a protective style for my two week  NYSC orientation  camp and then deal with the hair afterwards.

So after I had found and pulled on my socks, I happily  reached for a pair of scissors and as you read this,  I’m down to my third big chop in less than two years. Adventurous! Not so?  I love risky ventures and I  would have still had my lovely hair but for the dryness and damaged curl pattern.

There are pictures of me and my hair all through my eighteen month journey but before you view them, let it be known that if you ever need to get your hair colored, do not go in for more than one application and should you need to touch up,  ask your stylist to focus only on the new growth.

View my pictures from when I first colored my hair to my current big chop.

Speech Is An Art, Learn it!

Everything in the Arts is to be learned like a craft!

This is why you often come across reads bearing titles like: the art of storytelling, the art of war, the art of creative writing and many others. Likewise, speech is an art and every word should be thought through and well crafted.

But, do we know how and when to speak?

Dr Joe Brown of Rochester, Minnesota, tells of the frustration he encountered while trying to take a physical history on a patient. The man’s wife kept answering every question. Finally, Dr Brown requested that she leave the room. But after she left he discovered that her husband couldn’t speak. Calling her back, he apologised for not realising the man had aphasia (loss of speech) and couldn’t speak a word. You know what surprised Dr Brown more? The wife didn’t know either!

In Ecclesiastes 3:7, the Bible says there’s ‘a time to be silent and a time to speak.’ Why? Because communicating too little can destroy a relationship, and so can talking too much. Notice the difference(s) in pictures A and B below;

Picture A
Picture A
Picture B
Picture B

Why Do We Speak?

Sometimes, because we are lonely and have few opportunities to talk to others; other times, because we simply love the sound of our own voice. Whatever your motivation, keep in mind that excessive talking can hurt you and it’s advisable to say less than you know.

I’ve been in a situation where my power came from silence, not words, because the other party was totally clueless. Anxious people tend to blabber on, and when you’re negotiating, it puts you at a distinct disadvantage  because it tips the other person off that you’re insecure.

When you speak, you’re repeating what you already know, but when you listen, you learn something new.

Thanks for your time,

Have a great week!

❤ Olaedo.

3Ps for Choosing a Natural Hairstyle

Hey lovely! How are you today?

If you regularly visit social media sites, you’ld have come across loads of cute natural hairstyles and most times, you just don’t know which ones to wear or not wear.

In the past, I’ve had to go an entire week with my hair in a puff just because I couldn’t decide on what style to put it in.  Now, to help narrow your options, here are a few factors to consider before you style your hair;

  1. Profession: nine out of ten times, because style has a language of its own, your appearance speaks volumes about you more than any certificate(s) and/or skill(s) would ever do. If you’re a doctor for example, you don’t want to style your hair in a way that would make your patients second guess your professional ethics.
  2. Personality: like a mirror through which people can see without having any direct contacts, your hair style can affect your personality in so many ways and whatever message you send out there is totally on you.
  3. Preference: in my opinion, a person’s preference should override every other factor because there’s a good reason why they prefer certain hairstyles to some other hairstyles, especially if it makes them comfortable.
  4. Occasion: an inappropriate hairstyle could alter one’s appearance if it doesn’t suit the occasion for which it was made. I mean, who wants to rock chunky twists out on their wedding day? Anybody 🙋 ? Lol..I thought not.

Just a few pictures for you below;









In your choices of  hairstyles, make your comfort a priority because multi personality is NOT a disorder.

Stay flexible!



Basic Styling Tools for Natural Hair

In natural hair styling, there are certain basic tools & products that one cannot help but have. As basic as these tools may seem, some of us may not be familiar with them. So, here we go;

Tools & Products

They include spray bottle(s), butterfly clamps, a detangling comb, a rat tail comb, a mirror, curl definers (gels or custards).

Below are detailed pictorial examples of some styling tools & products;

A set of detangling tools
A set of detangling tools
Spray bottle
Spray bottle
Afro pick
Afro pick
Rat tail comb
Rat tail comb
Ecostyler gel
Ecostyler gel

That’s it hunay! So, be sure to look into your local stores for these items  and if there is/are any of them that you don’t understand how to put to use, please feel free to ask me, I’ll be at your service.









Debunking The Myths of Natural Hair Styling

Hey boo!

Today, let’s talk ‘hair styling’.

So, are you nappy haired?

If you answered “yes” to that, did you also know that you could do just about anything with natural hair as you would its relaxed counterpart, especially in the area of styling?

Hair styling is simply creating patterns on your head (either with just your hair or with extensions added) for a more fashionable outlook.

Whether your hair is curly, coily, kinky, straight, wavy or a combination of two or more of these patterns, it still deserves to look good and it can, only if you paid attention to certain details.

Below are two very important areas to keep in mind when styling natural hair;

  1. Curl Pattern: the belief that natural hair must be blown out or flat ironed to achieve certain styles, is a misconception. As much as I can’t agree any less that natural hair can pose a bit of a problem during styling, I highly recommend other straightening methods like banding and African threading, as they are safe and non damaging. Read more about the methods here .

  2. Hair Type & Texture: “what is good for the goose, may be bad for the gander”. For example, while a chunky twist out looks good with type 4b & 4c hair, a perm rod set always comes through for the type 3 and type 4a sisters. I’m not saying there are boundaries or limitations, you just might need to try/test a few styles and note how your hair responds to each one. 

Check your hair type here .

In our next post, I’ll take us through the basics of natural hair styling and a few factors to consider before wearing certain hairstyles.


Why I Did The Big Chop Again

Hiya darl!

Welcome to the long awaited third edition of our natural hair series which we started over two months ago. No thanks to my inconsistency 😩

Have I mentioned that three months into my big chop, I was down to another big chop for the second time?

The only difference with this second big chop was that I got a taper cut (Anita Baker style) just to funk it up a bit.

Here are some of the reasons why I big chopped again;

  1. I was clueless as to how I was supposed to deal with the tangled mess that my hair had become after I took down the protective twists style that had saved the hair for about two months;
  2. Finding a natural hair store and salon was quite a feat;
  3. A lot of my friends and even my mum, thought I looked unkept (by the way, my mum’s hair is natural now 😂);
  4. When I tried to get advice from a few naturalists on social media, either they were too busy to respond or just gave unsatisfactory replies.

Below, are a few tips to help you stay in the game after you’ve transitioned and finally big chopped;

  • Remember it’s just hair and it’ll always grow;
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in your TWA, go in for a protective style;
  • Don’t compare or compete with others, let your hair thrive at it’s own pace;
  • Seek advice from people who are ready to gradually help you through the process;
  •  Don’t ever think a relaxer would make things better. If it failed in the past, be rest assured that it would fail today and in many more years to come. It’s not an option. Same thing applies to texturizers.
First big chop
First big chop
3 months later
3 months later
Second big chop (taper cut)
Second big chop (taper cut)

Next week, we’ll be talking about quick and easy ways to style your natural hair at home. Until then, please share your big chop experience(s) with us.

Have a lovely weekend!