Speech Is An Art, Learn it!

Everything in the Arts is to be learned like a craft! This is why you often come across reads bearing titles like: the art of storytelling, the art of war, the art of creative writing and many others. Likewise, speech is an art and every word should be thought through and well crafted. But, do […]

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Why I Did The Big Chop Again

Hiya darl! Welcome to the long awaited third edition of our natural hair series which we started over two months ago. No thanks to my inconsistency 😩 Have I mentioned that three months into my big chop, I was down to another big chop for the second time? The only difference with this second big chop […]

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How To Natural Hair

Luvurrrs!😀  Have you kept tabs on me since our last post? I’m so sorry if i had you waiting on the second episode of the natural hair series. Hopefully, subsequent episodes would arrive in good time but I’ll tell you why I’ve been away at the end of today’s post. Hey Wait!! Not yet, don’t […]

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