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3 Reasons Why I Prefer Tapered Hair

If you missed the last post, read it here 

I’m still yet to meet anyone (male or female)  who does not love a tapered hair cut but as a natural sista, I prefer my hair tapered for the following reasons:

Saves Time & Energy: there is no denying that styling a head full of kinky hair can be quite tasking but in a case where your hair is tapered, you automatically have less hair to work with and by the time the tapered sections grow out, you would have gotten used to dealing with your own hair.

Hair Grows With Shape: a tapered hair remains a tapered hair unless altered. Even when your hair has grown out into a massive fro, it maintains the taper shape and you won’t have to worry about your hair being blown out of shape by the wind when you don’t have a mirror handy.

Stands You Out From The Crowd: everyone knows there is something extraordinary about people with tapered cuts and fades (especially when the person under observation is female). Be it a fresh cut or a grown out fro, a tapered hair shape singles you out from the crowd and places you right at the center stage. And oh! If you have some great color highlights  in your hair, you just may have won yourself a barrage of Ah!-Ten-sion (attention).

Have a great weekend you all and let it be known that everything is not for everyone. Taper or no taper, you rock! ❤

Hair still in shape
When I colored March-April 2015
July 2015. Notice how the shape remained unaltered

How A Taper Cut Can Up Your Natural Hair Game

The word ‘taper’ means a gradual diminution in the thickness of an elongated object so that the ends of the object  are thinner or narrower than the top.

Exactly one week after I scissored my hair, I made for the barbershop to get a more stylish cut. I know say my shakara don too much but a gal gotta do what a gal gotta do (in Mercy Johnson’s voice).

Before taper.. Please I can explain the flask 😃
After taper

So moving on to the taper level, I personally do not always feel too good with conventional everyday stunts and I believe that a little tweak to a TWA might just be all that is needed to give one that ‘away from the crowd’ look.

Also, you need to consider your head and face shapes to enable you opt for a style that would suit you. A taper cut that would accentuate the contours and angles of your face can leave you looking more gorgeous and feeling a lot more confident than just a normal low cut.

Normal low cut hair
Tapered cut

If you feel the need to funk up your tapered hair (whether TWA or big fro), do not hesitate to add a little bit of color if you so desire.

Normally your hair should come out as a regular Afro when your barber gets done, after which you can now style as you choose. 

Below are a few tapered natural hair cuts but keep in mind that they were styled after the hair had been tapered. Enjoy the view and let me know if there is/are any you would love to try.