Letter To The Black Woman

Dear Black girl/woman,

   When you realise that you are beautiful, exotic, radiant and magical beyond descriptions, you would begin to appreciate how abundantly blessed you are.

Talk about skin that has got melanin to absorb sunlight which in turn leaves you sun-filled, beautifully lit and ensures that you radiate and emit that energy everytime and anytime….your black skin has anti ageing properties so you can look 35 at 50..I bet you like the sound of that. Who wouldn’t anyways?

Another amazing thing about you that leaves me in awe, is your hair….YES! your afro textured hair. Every curl, coil and kink that exists on your beautiful mane and the lustrous elasticity that accompanies each stretch. Doesn’t it bore or even bother you that everyone all over the world yearns to appear in accordance with particularly set standards for beauty? Who even set those standards…bruh! He Black?

  I wish you would take a break to look and see how ineffably beautiful you really are, I also hope….that someday, you’ld get a hold on your confidence and reconcile with your exact self because only then, would you do away with the hydroquinone and mercury doped skin lightening lotions, the chemical hair straighteners and texturisers that you patronise in your cry for acceptance.

 Break from the norm and embrace your magic because BLACK is MAGICAL.

You’re Queen! 👑


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